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How a PPI Car Inspection Can Be Invaluable During the Purchasing Process

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PPI - pre purchase car inspection

When you are purchasing a used car, it’s recommended that you get a pre purchase inspection, or PPI, as part of the process. This is always a good idea for any used car. While buying a used car can save you a lot of money, it’s important to remember that purchasing a used vehicle can be risky.

When people purchase a vehicle, they can be caught up in the emotion of buying it, meaning there are a number of oversights people make when they conduct the test drive or the visual vehicle inspection. But this is where PPI inspections can do a lot to reduce these anxieties. Let’s show you everything you need to know.

What Is a Pre Purchase Inspection?

Pre purchase inspections are detailed reports by a qualified mechanic that can determine the overall condition of a vehicle before the seller and the buyer complete the transaction.

A pre purchase inspection would address a number of key aspects, including the following:

The vehicle’s safety, and if it is fit for purpose.

The mechanical aspects of the vehicle, such as the brakes, the suspension, the steering, and the engine, to ensure the vehicle is fully operational.

The cosmetic nature of the vehicle, which would include the overall aesthetics, like the body and tires.

Many pre purchase inspections are conducted by an auto industry certified mechanic that would have a detailed understanding of the make and model of the car being inspected.

They would conduct a pre purchase inspection to uncover any existing conditions or to highlight any issues in the maintenance or mechanical problems that could cause potential issues for the buyer, such as financial issues or potential safety problems.

Upon completion of inspections, a detailed vehicle history report will highlight any previous mechanical issues, hidden issues, potential repairs, and what could happen to the car in the near future.

When Should We Get a PPI?

A pre purchase vehicle inspection could be recommended in two key instances:

When You Are Purchasing a Vehicle That Does Not Come With a Warranty

When there is no warranty, the person buying the car is assuming all of the risk if the vehicle has suffered a breakdown or a mechanical problem.

A qualified mechanic would conduct a complete assessment of the vehicle to ensure that the used car you are purchasing is worth the investment.

When Logistics Could Be a Problem

It would also help to have a mechanic conduct a pre purchase inspection when the vehicle is located far away. If the used car is not local and based in another city, this can present a number of logistical challenges, for example, if the seller is not willing to go to the seller so they can undertake a test drive.

Testing vehicles before purchasing is essential, and it is possible that a pre purchase inspection could be arranged with a local shop, where the seller drops off the vehicle to the shop and the PPI can be undertaken. This is added peace of mind for anyone considering undertaking a long journey to purchase the car and potentially spend thousands of dollars on a car that is not fit for purpose.

Where Can I Get a PPI?

A pre purchase inspection can be conducted by any automotive mechanic that has a detailed understanding of the make and model of the car you are buying.

An automotive dealership or a specialty shop can be great resources to provide a thorough pre purchase inspection of the car you are buying, as they will be familiar with the entire process.

Additionally, there are specialized PPI companies that conduct mobile inspections of vehicles all across Florida, like MyUsedCarBuddy.com

What Should Be Inspected as Part of a PPI?

There is no industry standard for PPI, which means that a basic inspection is typically of a visual nature. The mechanic will put the car on a hydraulic lift and inspect the vehicle’s body and check for any broken parts or leaks and other related aspects.

If you are looking for a more detailed inspection, this would typically comprise a road test where the vehicle’s brakes and steering are assessed.

If you wish to go one step further, a complete and total car inspection includes an engine analysis, and will check a number of the vital aspects that underpin the key foundations of the car, such as engine compression.

What Is the Price of a PPI?

To inspect a car, the cost can be between $150 and $250. For this price, you can expect a comprehensive car inspection, including a test drive of the car and check the general maintenance. The price of the inspection can increase depending on the vehicle.

For example, a luxury used car tends to cost a lot more money than standard vehicles, and due to its complex and delicate parts and illustrious vehicle history, it may require more extensive tests, which can result in the inspection cost exceeding several hundred dollars.

Is It Worth Getting a Pre Purchase Car Inspection?

The pre purchase inspection is in place for people buying a used car from a dealership or a private seller to have more peace of mind and faith in the car they are purchasing. When it comes to buying a used car, the market is diverse, and many people can sell a variety of vehicles in a local setting or online hoping to make a quick sale.

Therefore, a seller may try to sidestep a number of issues, whether it’s with the engine, the tires, or the seller has a number of cars to sell and is looking to complete a number of sales by applying age-old selling techniques to make people buying cars overlook the important things.

The PPI inspection is an essential auto test to ensure that you, as the buyer, get an understanding of the mechanical safety or cosmetic issues of the used car you want to buy.

The vast majority of people are not experts on cars, therefore, having a PPI report is the perfect safety net if you you are worried about a number of issues or the potential for repairs. For example, a PPI test would cover something as simple as rust. While rust is a cosmetic issue on a car, if rust is allowed to attack the frame of your vehicle, it can cause serious hidden damage over time and will need substantial repairs further down the line.

The vehicle frame is there to hold the vehicle together; so if the entire frame is weakened by rust, this can be the first sign of many more problems for your vehicle. A pre purchase inspection service conducted by an independent professional provides a lot of value to people upfront.

A PPI service can uncover something that may potentially put you off purchasing the car, which means that you are saving lots of money, potentially thousands of dollars, on a car that was not fit for purpose. When you consider, as part of the car buying process, having a a pre purchase vehicle inspection conducted by a mechanic, you will need to think about some of the following:

The value of the vehicle.

The location you are purchasing the car from.

The type of used car you are buying, for example, whether it’s an expensive or luxury car.

If the vehicle has a warranty.

While a PPI may seem like an additional expense when it comes to buying a car, it is a thorough inspection that is thoroughly worth your finances.