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Vehicle Inspection Service Provider

Basic Pre-Purchase Inspection

(For vehicles up to 20 years)

This PPI Pre Purchase vehicle inspection service is ideal if you need to verify the vehicle and its overall general condition. The inspector will check the interior, tires and a visual mechanical inspection. The inspector will also provide an exterior inspection and identify any major damage. There is no paint test provided with this service.

You are mostly interested in the functionality of the vehicle and its current state. Included are more than 25 pictures. This service works for customers that may want to verify a late model vehicle that may have a warranty; or an older high-mileage vehicle and mostly concerned about functionality.


Product Description

  • This is a basic PPI inspection service
  • We will verify the vehicle exists
  • We determine the overall general condition
  • Interior – basic interior features
  • Mechanical – whether it runs or not
  • Electronic report with 25 to 50 pictures
Requested Service: Basic Pre-Purchase Inspection
Price: $165.00


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