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Getting The Right Auto Pre Purchase Inspection In Florida

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Pre purchase auto inspection in Florida

Are you interested in buying a used car in Florida? Purchasing a used car can be a difficult process. You need to make sure that you are choosing the right vehicle that is in good shape and that won’t end up costing a fortune in repairs. You’ll find countless articles online by people who have accidentally purchased a lemon from a dealer. This is a car that will barely run and could be unsafe to drive. It’s the ultimate car buying nightmare. This is why you should explore arranging a pre purchase auto inspection in Florida and complete a full search. This can give you the right piece of mind you need when buying a used car.

What Is Pre-Purchase Inspection?

A Florida pre purchase auto inspection is a service completed by a professional mechanic or car shop. 

A pre purchase inspection is used to check and identify any problems with the vehicle and determine whether any repairs are required. 

The main purpose of pre purchase inspections like this is to check the functionality of the vehicle as well as its current state. As a buyer, you will be provided with a full report detailing any issues that may warrant your attention. 

What Is Checked During A Pre-Purchase Inspection?

If you take the car for a pre-purchase inspection, a mechanic will check various elements of the vehicle. It is important to know exactly what will be inspected and what will be included in the report once the inspection of the used car is complete.

Florida pre purchase inspection

Tires Inspection

The mechanic will inspect the tired to ensure that they are in the right condition and determine whether they need to be replaced.

Inspect for Rust

As well as the tires, the mechanic may also inspect the exterior of the car for signs of rust. This is a common issue on older vehicles that have not been maintained. A check this will usually part of a larger check of the vehicle body for any sign of damage from an accident or age. 

pre purchase vehicle inspection - engine codes


The car’s engine will be inspected to ensure that it is in the right condition. An inspection by a professional mechanic will assess every aspect of the engine and any issues will be detailed in a full report. Issues with the engine result in some of the expensive mechanical repairs. 


A comprehensive pre-purchase inspection may also check the steering. For this, the mechanic may need to test drive the vehicle. In doing so, they can ensure that the steering is not causing the car to swerve to one side. This can impact the safety standards of the vehicle. 


A trained mechanic will check the brakes during a pre purchase inspection. Older cars are more likely to have problems with brakes that can make them unsafe. 

Oil And Fluid Levels 

The inspector or mechanic may also check the oil and fluid levels during the full inspection. They will be assessing whether there are any signs of leaks. This could include the coolant as well as the brake fluid levels. 

pre purchase inspection - oil level


An inspection may also include a check of the transmission fluid. Newer cars may have a sealed transmission so this will not be possible. 


Inspections in a car shop will also check the suspension. The suspension can be checked using the bounce test after putting the vehicle in park. You can find articles about this simple test online.

What Happens After A Pre-Purchase Inspection

Once an inspection is complete, you should typically receive a full report from the mechanic or car shop. Mechanics will detail as much information as possible about the findings of the inspection. 

This could include whether there is damage to the vehicle. They may also detail the cost or price of a repair that may be required to ensure a car is safe. Ultimately, this report will help you determine if you should buy a car from a dealership or seller. 

Choosing The Right Pre-Purchase Inspection Service In Florida

When choosing the right car inspection service for a used car, you should check reviews. 

Past reviews will help to determine whether you can trust the services of an automotive professional. You should also consider contacting the business directly. Request information on whether an inspector is qualified. You may be able to find information on the company online. Remember it is important to complete thorough research on any company you consider using. Particularly, if you are checking if there are safety issues with a car from a seller or dealership. 

You need to know exactly what the inspection will cover. This can differ from company to company and that’s why it’s worth speaking to mechanics on the phone. They can explain the different types of inspections offered and what you can inspect from their service. 

Buyers can also choose a mobile car inspection from a trained mechanic. 

With a service like this a mechanic will check the car from any seller at your chosen location. 

Mobile pre-purchase inspections can be arranged around your schedule. They can still cover all the key areas including the engine, body of the used car, and typically include a thorough check for damage. 

Make Sure There’s A Test Drive

During the used car inspection, it is essential that the mechanic test drives any used car or e vehicle from a seller. It is easy for a dealership to cover up a problem if no one takes the car for a spin. Buyers should always request this before committing to a purchase from any automotive business, regardless of whether they are a certified seller. 

Are There Other Steps You Should Take?

As well as arranging an inspection of a used car or vehicle, you should also check the car’s history. 

A full car or vehicle history can reveal if a car a dealer is selling has been involved in an accident. It may also reveal how severe the accident was and the damage caused. 

The full history may also show mechanical issues with the vehicle that were detailed after previous car inspections. 

Research like this may be included in the pre-purchase report. However, you will need to check this with individual mechanics offering pre-purchase inspection services. 

Learn More About Pre-Purchase Car Inspections In Florida Today

If you are searching for the best auto inspection in Florida for a used car, do not hesitate to arrange an inspection from our team at MyUsedCarBuddy.com today. We will complete a full assessment of the vehicle to ensure that it reaches the right standard. Every inspector on our team is ASE certified with years of experience testing vehicles. We can provide a complete report and history of any car up to 20 years, detailing mechanical issues as well as the cost of a potential report. Phone us today before you buy a car.